What to know as an Agent


Buying a home or any real estate property can be difficult to navigate for the average person. This is where your expertise and knowledge can really come in handy.

Be a fountain of knowledge!

Help to walk your clients through the closing process.  They are not as familiar with a closing as you are.  Encourage the delivery of prompt information to the Closing Attorney by your customers.

Ask questions!

Use your Closing Attorney as a resource for Contractual questions and issues that arise during the closing process. The Closing Attorney might provide you as the agent valuable information to move forward.\

Be aware of out-of-pocket expenses

Preparing a Closing involves “out-of-pocket” expenses on the part of the Closing Attorney.  Your sensitivity to being aware that a closing might not go through for various reasons and notifying the Closing Attorney of this might allow for postponing a necessary “out-of-pocket” expense until you have confidence that the closing will actually take place thus avoiding unnecessary loss.

Trust your Real Estate Attorney

We love our Real Estate Agents and are always here for you! Give the Closing Attorney the space to do quality work for you and your clients. It will all work out, trust us.

Make the Purchase and Sales Agreement as complete as possible

Send the Purchase and Sale Agreement as complete as possible in one delivery. It is understood that changes take place during the term of the Contract; however, sending the contract piecemeal opens the door for inefficiencies and loss of information. One email is much better than ten emails.

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